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With over ten years of experience in the Oud Oil industry, we are proud to announce how we are able to control the complete value chain, from the use of our own seeds, to distilling high quality pure oils in our factory and finally to placing the finest Oud Oils in stores across the world.

Our well managed plantations are located in Trat Province, Thailand. We have total control over the whole process from the seedlings, to growing the Agarwood Trees and finally distilling the high quality Oud Oil from our trees.

Dar al Oud

Timeless Perfection

Dar Al Oud breaths absolute refinement with an obsession for rarity and perfection; with an inexhaustible passion for scents, from countless encounters with the great noses; the house of Oud was born.

Thick, sweet and long lasting earthy scents from the Agarwood tree, refined into the most unique Oud Oils, Dar al Oud continues to hold onto creative impulses to materialize the perfection of Oud Oil production.

The age old tradition of cultivating rare and exclusive Oud Oils date back before 700AD, nonetheless, obsession travels with years of craftsmanship embracing the philosophy of precision.

Dar Al Oud offers timeless perfection; the sweetest, most inspiring scent to one’s nose. The superior legacy is favoured by perfumers; the composers of fragrant notes. Our skilled team captures the secrets of nature and extracts their quintessence, blending a palette of notes to compose a symphony of scent.

After years of refining the finest Oud Oils, we are proud to launch Dar Al Oud greatest creations of aged scents.

Agarwood Tea

All from nature


1. It stabilizes blood sugar
2. It helps reduce fever
3. It prevents damage to the liver
4. It inhibits the growth of bacteria
5. It is an anti-oxidant
6. It is an analgesic
7. It has laxative effect
8. Treatment of joint pain
9. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells
10. It increases the level of action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Oud Velvet

Oud leaves, red tea, French roses Experience the luxury of the scent of French rose-infused red tea and create a classy ambiance around your tea table with your beloved.

Oud Spring

Oud leaves, green tea, Japanese mint As lively as the delightful season of Spring goes, young green tea leaves and the freshness of mint in this cup of tea give you the energy to go forward throughout the day.

Oud Garden

Oud leaves, black tea, lemon grass, stevia Relax with the fresh garden scent of pleasant lemon grass and the guilt-free natural sweetness from stevia which blends beautifully with black tea’s rich taste.

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